Drone Aerial Photography

Drone Aerial Photography

RB Visuals drones are able to capture breath taking photos and videos captured from ideal vantage point that represent the structure and can capture it’s details is the ultimate dream for every customer.

There is a great amount of experience and skill involved to proficiently fly a drone. RB Visuals will ensure that by the end of the day you’ll receive clear detailed images from varying altitudes, which can only be possible with a drone or a very expensive helicopter. At RB Visuals, we’ll ensure that any aerial data, photos, and videos taken will totally surpass our client’s expectations and at a good price.

What we offer:

RB Visuals offers a large variety of services all designed to cater to our clients’ needs. We are proficient photographers and videographers that have numerous years of experience working in the event industry. Our services range from photography, videography, modeling and 3D mapping to the more complex infrared and near-infrared imaging among others.

Industries that can benefit from our drone services include : commercial and residential real estate, golf course, insurance, agriculture, oil & gas, public safety and telecom industries, but we are not limited to only these. See also: Drones For Home Inspections

No matter how simple or intricate a client’s needs are RB Visuals are well equipped to help. We offer a free consultation service and can provide al a carte options to match our clients needs. We are able to deliver all of the specified data, edited photos, and raw pictures within 2 days from the date of the event. RB Visuals can deliver video within 4
days from the date.

Whether you need photos for marketing purposes or surveying a land, it is wise to employ the services of a company that is reliable, convenient and affordable. Our
company is well trained, part 107 certified and have over 300 hours of flying time. our loyal customers can attest to it. Each of our pilots is an expert in their respective niche,
which improves our interaction with different industries.

Drone Aerial Imaging Services

Our UAV pilots are highly skilled, experienced and part 107 certified team of experienced pilots. Our drone aerial photography company does an impeccable job at every given project. RB Visuals is insured up to a million dollars, which makes us a secure company. Our pilots and operations are well planned, prepared in advance with a safety check and are FAA-approved. Even better is the affordability and promptness of our drone services.

So why are our Drone Aerial Imagery Services that important?

First of all, we’ll provide up to the moment project reports, tracking and management, which is efficient and cost effective in the long run. It’s not cost effective to hire a pilot and a photography or videography company to shoot videos and take photos. RB Visuals, will use drones, so affordable services with much better results. With a drone, it’s easier to capture photos and videos from the tightest positions and angles, hence more accurate and more appealing photos and videos. In addition, we apply a 3D modeling, digital elevation map for almost perfect accuracy and to enhance the quality of the results by using thermal and near-infrared imaging

Drone Aerial imaging services are highly sought after, especially in this era where visual appeal is everything. RB Visuals is absolutely the company to contact for any of your videography and photography needs. We offer an introductory discount of 25% on your first drone aerial photography order, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to have the best photos, videos and data captured of your

Contact us today and let’s get started.