Ross Brodsky

Hello everyone. My name is Ross Brodsky and I am the owner of RB Visuals. Why did I start an aerial photography company like RB Visuals? When I was a child living in the Ukraine, I was, and still am, fascinated with photography and cinema. I visualized that my future would lead me to be a professional photographer. I am captivated by the raw emotion that makes the most stunning video or photo. After 20 years of mastering ground photography I looked to the sky for a new challenge, hence, RB Visuals was born to satisfy clients requiring aerial photography, aerial video, and aerial advanced data collection services.

As the owner and founder I believe capturing that raw emotion makes the most stunning video or photo shot. Our videography style is documentary. RB Visuals videographers have experience filming documentaries, infomercials, events, narratives, real estate and weddings. RB Visuals photographers specialize in portrait, fashion and event.
We use the latest 4K cameras in all of our productions with interchangeable lenses. RB Visuals has worked in the video industry for over 10 years. We are unique and creative videographers. In addition, we are proficient in using studio lighting like Arri or LED to film assignments in most any environment. We also understand sound so the audio is always captured crystal clear.

RB Visuals drone operators have over 300 hours of flying experience. We have part 107 certification. Boost your bottom line & cut waste/downtime with our efficient, real-time project tracking, reports & management. We use a DJI Mavic Pro Enterprise – capable of carrying a thermal camera and standard-vision camera at the same time (all the data can be gathered in one flight, instead of two). We have up to $2 million in liability insurance!

Our Crystal Sky Monitor not only allows you to view the flight as it’s happening, on site, but to download the data and take it with you once the drone lands (we can also livestream the flight to any computer you’d like).

  • We have lots of satisfied customers, see all our positive reviews!
  • We offer nighttime aerial photography, video and mapping.
  • We're trained in thermal imaging – ideal for roof inspections, search-and-rescue and more!
  • More affordable than aerial images/data from full-sized aircraft.
  • We have access to restricted airspace.
  • More complete, accurate data than can be captured by helicopter or ground personnel – from 3D modeling to digital elevation maps to thermal and near-infrared imaging.